So Anyways, as I was saying to CTK...
This is what I meant to say in my last post:

It cheeses me off when "pundits", or whatever you want to call people that manage to get their stupid opinions covered by the media, say the Wall Street/bank investment guys who screwed up by getting greedy should continue to be paid exorbitant amounts of money so they, the "best and brightest," will stay in their current positions.

Who says the "best and brightest" shouldn't be scientists, or artists, or doctors, or writers or whatever instead?

So, CTK, I think the coercion that should force these people from their unmitigated greed should be facing the consequences of their actions. They aren't the "best and brightest," because if they were, they wouldn't have brought the banking system crashing to its knees.

Maybe I'm changing my mind. They aren't the best and brightest, they may cause more damage in other sectors than they have in the financial one, and they need to be rehabilitated.

I think I'm going back to my Aunt Bee plan.
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