Fat Tony says: You toucha dis lunch, I breaka you face!

Dilf was on a brown-bag lunch kick for awhile, and for fun I'd write/draw things on the bag. For instance, I drew a stereotypical mobster on it and wrote this post's title on it. Or "This is not the lunch you're looking for." (blank space.) "Move along." My favorite is when I reworked King Tut's curse: "They who touch this sacred lunch shall swift be visited by wings of death. Sincerely, The Mummy. P.S. Unnnngh."

I was just trying to inject a little humor into the office refrigerator. It's not all fun and games at some workplaces, though. Someone posted a collection of passive-aggressive office kitchen notes. I never knew Jesus got so upset about misappropriated Diet Coke.

But please don't miss the comments at the bottom. They are priceless.
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