Did I Say I Would Lay Off Politics? What Was I Thinking?

Okay, this is only partially about politics. This is about how far America has sunk in terms of critical thinking skills. I mean, we've almost reached Pythonesque proportions here.

Now, I'm not the biggest, most loyal Obama supporter out there. I mean, I voted for him because I thought he was the better of two candidates, but I have some complaints.

However, this guy sums up my feelings on the anti-Obama camp pretty well. (Note: not all conservatives or Republicans fall in this camp, nor do I consider all Obama critics in this camp. People who have legitimate, well-thought out criticisms of the president don't seem to get nearly as much airtime.)

It irritates me when people defend their irrelevant commentaries about Obama by saying, "Well, what about what THEY said about GEORGE BUSH!" What? That he attacked Iraq under false pretenses? Authorized torture? The economy tanked on his watch? These are legitimate complaints that can debate, if you want. But at least they are based on his Presidential actions (or inactions.)

Yes, Bush was the butt of jokes and complaints about his smirk and claims of his stupidity (which I do not buy, by the way. For a "stupid" guy, he sure managed to get his way) fall into this same "I just don't like him" level of "criticism," BUT...

Obama's critics (the ones I'm talking about here) blow innocuous or meaningless things out of proportion. They take rumors (or lies) and present them as fact. Or at least turn them into a "what is he hiding?" moment. They use innuendo to provoke consipiracy nuts. I'm not saying Bush didn't inspire his own conspiracy nuts, but they didn't have national media figures like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to spread "the word" on a mass scale.

Other examples of insanity can be found here and here.
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