Barf Me Out. Totally!
I'm seriously considering avoiding all news I don't hear by word of mouth. I know I have a duty to be an informed citizen, to vote, to help steer elected officials with my incisive opinions (which I never send to them anyways.) But it's starting to totally bum me out. Totally. Why am I putting myself through this?

I have stated before that I believe the government, on the federal level certainly, is completely unconcerned with what normal people want or think. We elect people based on their promises, but with few exceptions, they cater to lobbyists once they get in office. I have given up my childish beliefs that anyone goes vies for public office with the intent of actually improving their town/county/state/country. And the few that do, can't get anything accomplished because they are a tiny, powerless minority. Even my park district board is that way.

So why should I torture myself, twisting myself into knots by listening to and caring about what these people do? It reminds me of an episode of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, when he talks to a Mexican peasant who says (I'm paraphrasing), "The government came through my farm, and they stole my chickens. Then Pancho Villa and the rebels came through and they stole my chickens. No matter which side it is, they steal my chickens."

I'm just going to bank on people stealing my chickens. I'm just going to work on a hiding place for SOME of my chickens, so I don't get totally wiped out.
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