Here's my Friday Flash Fiction, starter sentence in blue.

"There was no respite; the vivid, violent dreams that ruthlessly tormented her slumber had now relentlessly stretched the abyss, to envelop her during her day." She was irritated and confused by them. It never occurred to her to wonder why she was having the dreams, or what the dreams could possibly mean. She was simply annoyed.

She arrived at work, put her lunch in the refrigerator, took her seat in her cubicle, and began charting her course for the day. Absorbed in a particularly gripping email about a Blackberry which would not sync, she barely noticed that the chair beneath her had suddenly become warm beneath her. But when it became pungent-smelling of wet fur and rotting meat and started to pulsate, she screamed and jumped up.

Concerned co-workers hurried over to help, but they of course saw nothing but an ordinary office chair. They backed away, staring at her with worried eyes and knitted brows. Perhaps she should go home, they said. She should get some rest.

She gathered her purse and what composure she could and left the building, knowing full well that getting some rest was not an option. As her heels clicked along the concrete floor of the parking garage, she became aware of that same foul stench just as she felt hot, putrid breath on the back of her neck -- but when she whirled around, there was nothing there.

Her heart pounding, her hand shaking, she barely managed to insert her key into the lock and then into the ignition, each action seeming to take centuries and every ounce of her concentration. She jerked her car out of the spot, tires squealing, and she careened out into traffic, nearly sideswiping a street sweeper. As she merged onto the highway, she gradually relaxed. She vowed to call her doctor for a psychiatric referral the moment she got home.

But just as her blood pressure began to subside, there it was beside her -- a mass of brown-black matted fur, fangs, claws, and yellow eyes. It was as large as a bear yet more ape-like, but with longer, shaggier fur. Fur that was matted with blood and entrails. It opened its maw and screams came forth, but it wasn't the creature's screams; it was the combined wails and screeches of its victims, coming forth from its bowels.

She yanked the wheel crazily off the road way and plowed into the field at the side of the road. She opened her door and took off running, but the creature took off after her. It soon overtook her, and with one sweep of its massive paw, lifted her off the ground. How it had swelled to nearly 12 feet tall after just recently having fit into her Subaru was not the only mystery, as it thrust her struggling, shrieking form down its gullet, and loped off into the nearby forest preserve.

All investigators ever found was her abandoned car and one Jimmy Choo at the side of the road.
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