Napalabambo Or Whatever Says I Gotta Write Something, So...

I'm doing that thing where you blog every day for a month. The theme is "haunting." Or "haunted." Or something with the word "haunt" in it. It may have something to do with Halloween, but I don't want to go too far out on a limb.

Today I am haunted by our government. I'm sorry, I meant to type "our" government. I don't think we really have a government anymore, and if we do, it certainly isn't "ours." Why do I say we don't really have a government? Let me explain. And as usual, this is all my cockamamie theory and not based on anything I know for a fact. Who would tell me any truths anyway? I'd just blab it all.

ANYWAY. I don't think either party actually wants to be in charge. I mean, I think the Republicans enjoyed the hell out of their time in office, but only until the consequences of their actions became clear. But what they REALLY love is sniping from the sidelines (I almost typed "snidelines"), undermining, and being perpetually outraged at their own victimhood at the hands of the liberal elite. Who are ruining their country! They really should copyright their creative fiction, you know.

On the other hand, I don't think the Democrats want to be in charge, either, because that means they'd be expected to actually act on their promises. This would piss off the corporate overlords they've been able to pretend don't really control them, since they couldn't do anything to stop those evil Corporation-licking Republicans as long as Bush the Impaler was in office (more creative fiction!). But now, they have to put up or shut up. Shut up it is. Good job, Democrats.

So, I am haunted by the fact that a.) it doesn't matter who I vote for, and b.) nobody's really interested in running our country. I don't see how anyone who values a majority-rule system can not be frightened that the American people voted for a president, a House majority, and a Senate SUPER-majority, and these people are failing to implement their will even when no obstacles should be standing in their way. That should be a huge wake up call to everyday citizens everywhere.

Really, Hollywood, do you thing a bunch of fake blood and zombies are going to have any effect on me at all?

And in conclusion, "They should apologize to America":

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