What Happened in the '80's, Taylor Hackford? Why Did You Do It?
In my endless and senseless pursuit of all things terrible, I happened upon this:

which made me think of this:

Which made me think of the terrible movies from whence those two terrible songs came, White Nights and Against All Odds. I came to the terrifying realization that both movies were wrought by the same hand: Taylor Hackford.

Why, Taylor Hackford, why? What happened to you in the '80's? Did Crystal Pepsi drive you to it? The prevalence of electronic drums in pop music? Was it the omnipresence of suspenders (they're not suspenders! They're braces!) Was it Howie Mandel??

Please tell us so we can avoid doing whatever it was that drove you to punish all of mankind in the mid-1980's. We cannot weather this sort of storm again, not while we're still reeling from Twilight and Nickleback and Two and a Half Men.
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