Finally! Something Christmas-Related to Excite Me.

No, it's not this.

Instead, I am making progress on a personal quest of mine, and that quest is to find this one Mac Davis Christmas special I remember seeing when I was little. I have been trying to find it since 2000 or so, when early attempts ended with unclicked links to nude Mac Davis pictures.

Every year I've tried unsuccessfully, instead finding things like this, and we all know how I feel about David Soul. The last David Soul Christmas story I remember is this one.

But this year -- THIS YEAR -- is different. I actually discovered the correct name and year of the special I had in mind. I still can't find any actual video of it, and that paltry description does nothing to capture how deliciously terrifying that episode was.

If Mac Davis is the prophet and visionary I've always thought him to be, in 2010 thought police will arrest you for remembering Christmas. Christmas has been replaced by "Commerce Day," when you top your tree with a glittering dollar sign. Mac Davis's character suddenly had a flash from his childhood, where he remembered something about a Nativity scene or some other religious artifact, and these silver-clad stormtroopers burst into his house and threw his whole family in jail! Why are all policemen in the future wearing aluminum foil suits?

Anyways, the "Christmas is too commercialized" theme is done to death, but I really liked the whole police state violence aspect from this show. If anyone knows how I could get a copy of it, I'd be very grateful.
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