Flash Fiction Friday: Sweet, Sweet Revenge
Flash Fiction Friday, starter sentence in blue:

"She saw the orange Necco wafer on the counter top and started to cry." After weeks and months of being told she was imagining things, that she was crazy, she thought she might feel vindicated to find proof her suspicions were correct. Instead, she felt a crushing grief that momentarily paralyzed her.

Until it was replaced by insane rage. She hadn't planned anything beyond following her husband; she wasn't sure where it would all lead. Now that she knew exactly what the situation was, she knew exactly what she would do.

After a quick stop at the refrigerator, she gathered her resolve and pushed forward, letting her fury guide her steps.

She followed a trail of sweets down the hallway, finding a gumdrop here and a bit of licorice there. When she heard giggling and cooing and a familiar murmur, her insides turned to ice. She hesitated outside the door a moment, just to be sure...

Then she burst in and unloaded the carton of milk on the two of them, squeezing it with all her might, aiming the straw at her husband's legs.

"You're not running, anymore, motherfucker!" she shrieked. "I CAN catch you, Gingerbread Man!"

"Baby, don't do this," he pleaded, the frosting smeared all over his face adding to his wife's wrath. "I can explain..."

Next to him, the Barbie cupcake screamed incoherently. "Shut up, you high-fructose corn syrup whore!" She roared as she unloaded tablespoon after tablespoon of milk onto her rival's denuded, unprotected cake. It dissolved, sending the now lifeless plastic upper torso pick clattering to the floor below.

"No, no..." moaned the Gingerbread Man.

"Yes, yes!" gleefully shouted the Gingerbread Lady, as she emptied her milk carton onto the cheating bastard's face. As he melted into oblivion, she smiled triumphantly. They couldn't convict her without a corpse.
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