This Week in Coupons
I distrust big corporations in general and food manufacturers in particular. I am convinced they all want to cut corners to make a profit, and that one of those cut corners will someday kill me. Thus, I don't like the sound of this at all.
Adding to my distress about this new product is the fact that I've actually purchased salmon in such a format.

It was not moist, tender and delicious as I was led to believe. No sir. It was slimy, hard in some spots, and foul. I don't hold high hopes for this product, and the offer to save $1 on a "pouch" of chicken does nothing to change my mind. I shall pass on this offer.

More promising were the new Pringles varieties. I was thrilled to discover a site called taquitos.net which reviews new snacks for us so we don't make any unwise purchases.

They reviewed two of the available flavors. The Szechuan Barbecue chips garnered rave reviews, while the Parmesan Garlic flavor were deemed "Pretty good, but not the best of the parm and garlic chips out there." They're certainly worth a try, but I think Proctor and Gamble already knows this; the coupon only saves me 25 cents off a bag. Gamble, my ass!

So there you have it, ladies and gentleman. One winner, one loser from this week's selection of coupons. Happy shopping!
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