Storytime: The Haunting of Hemlock Cabin
I will temporarily ignore the United States Supreme Court's march backward into the 19th century to bring you the story I promised yesterday. I've also included an actual period photograph, from the era in which the events take place. Here's our skit, in story form:

We've enjoyed a glorious week here at Camp Nawakwa -- sunny days at the beach, quiet nights by the fire, lots of fun and games... but not every trip to Camp Nawakwa has been so nice, nor as peaceful

In fact, one summer long ago, when prohibition was the law of the land and gangs ruled Chicago, the weather was so stormy, cold and foul that Camp Nawakwa was nearly deserted. Two gangsters from Chicago looking for a secluded spot to hide their ill-gotten loot took advantage of this development, and, together with Sidearm Sally -- one of the gangster's girlfriends -- they showed up here to bury their money.
As lightening flashed across the sky and thunder cackled ominously across the water, Sally, Tongue-tied Tony, and Sally's love Joey Pigeon-Toes set up camp in one of the cabins -- Hemlock, to be exact.

Joey told Sally to stay put and get a midnight snack started while he and Tony set out into the woods to find a hiding place.

"We'll be back in a while, doll," said Joey, "leave a light on for us." Then off they trudged into the deep northwoods, shovels and loot in hand.

An icy, drenching rain began pouring down on the men. Joey Pigeon-Toes lagged far behind his partner in crime, because he was ... well, pigeon-toed. Panting with exertion, Joey called out, "Wait up, Tony," and sat down on a fallen log to eat a salami sandwich.

Tony turned around to wait for his companion, only to find that an enormous bear, drawn by the enticing garlic sausage aroma of Joey's sandwich, was lumbering menacingly toward Joey's log...

We'll pick up the rest of the story next week.
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