Run! Hide! It's Code Pink, and They're Urging Non-Violence!
The image “http://www.indybay.org/uploads/2006/07/11/640_code_pink.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Monkey Mucker just wrote a piece on the 10 Most Dangerous Organizations as determined by Family Security Matters. To my utter amazement, Code Pink was listed.

To be honest, I have only a passing knowledge of Code Pink. I know they oppose war and violence. I know they wear pink and carry signs and march and protest. I know that they protest against Democrat and Republican alike who either actively support, or do nothing to end, war. I admire their consistency and persistence.

I would like to know precisely why they are dangerous. Because they are engaging in the very means provided by the Constitution of this United States to bring about political change? Because they have an opinion? Because pink is too bright and sometimes hurts the eyes?

I don't see them destroying property or becoming violent or pulling down anyone's pants in front of television cameras. I understand that some may disagree with their stance, but since when is stating an opinion and urging politicians to adopt that opinion dangerous? I thought it was one of the cornerstones of democracy. Is "Family Security" calling democracy dangerous?

I'm not stupid. I know why they're being called dangerous. I just sometimes can't take the ridiculousness without comment sometimes.

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