Writer's Strike Forces Networks to Pluck Shows from Trash Can
I've pondered this before: who on earth watches "October Road?"

Well, somebody must, because they're bringing it back.

And why not? It was so unique, so non-derivative. Look at last year's "sneak peak" and bask in its innovativeness, inspired writing and spectacular acting:

I just love, LOVE when they have child actors speak in a completely unnatural and supercilious manner. It makes me completely not want to take my meat tenderizer and smash it through the TV screen like a housewife version of Elvis Presley.

Also, do you think the boy is his? I can't wait to tune in to find out. The suspense is killing me! Well, something is killing me. I clicked on more clips, something I don't recommend. Some generic doe-eyed actress is pleading, "Please, you only have one chance at this..." Take it, all-American actor boy, take it! Take that chance!

Good gravy, if they wanted to recycle something from the dung heap of television failures they should have at least chosen something fun to watch, like Man from Atlantis or Monster Squad. Now that's quality TV.
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