Last Day to Complain
I was going to complain about the ISATs, but I'll wait until next year when Elder actually takes them.

I was also going to complain about this, but it looks like it's not going to happen anyways.

So, I'll complain about this:

When people argue for deregulation, they often claim that government is inefficient compared to the wonderfully proficient world of private enterprise.

Without even addressing whether or not the government (also known as "the people") can run things well or not, I can't swallow the premise that businesses are well-run. At least the big ones. Because the bigger the company, and the more layers of (mis)management, and the greater the number of what I will call "meeting people."

"Meeting people" are also "phone call people." They are people who like to give the appearance of working, while not actually doing anything. In fact, they aren't quite sure what they should be doing, or if they could do it even if they knew what it was. This is quite terrifying to them, because they really enjoy their salaries (which tend to be mystifyingly high, because they all have MBA's, which they got to avoid getting a job straight out of college in the first place), and don't want to lose them by being exposed as a total fraud.

So, put into positions of authority by virtue of personal connections and the faulty assumption that they learned something of substance in business school, they gather their workers into meetings, trying to glean from the employees what the hell it is that their department does.

But, try as they might, they can't stay in meetings all day. So they call people. Anyone they can: vendors, consultants, underlings, whatever. This serves a similar purpose of a meeting, and has the added benefit of allowing them to avoid talking to anyone who might ask them a difficult question or require some work from them, which of course they don't know how to do.

The rest of their time is spent golfing or going to conferences.

These are the people running our corporations, and thus, our government. So maybe deregulation doesn't matter after all.

No matter what, "meeting people" will be in charge.
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