Just in Time! Recession Recipes!
I have worked through the stages of grief regarding my economic standing as a member of the defunct middle class; I have arrived at acceptance.

But that doesn't mean I have to give up my passion for cooking. I just need to adjust my expectations, the way I've adjusted to the fact that some things I took for granted are now luxuries -- like movie tickets, ice cream and dental care. Lets face it: eating once a day isn't so bad, as long as you make that one time count!

To that end, I found a wonderful resource called Recession Recipes.

It has taught me not to fear poverty, but to embrace it with inspiring menus like this:

Grilled Local Fish with Herbs - Go to your nearest body of water or stream and catch yourself some fish! This is cheap eating! Don't worry about "heavy metals" or other poisons, because you might agree that recession life really isn't worth living anyway�Alternatively, use the tropical fish in your fancy 1000 gallon fish tank because you can't afford the upkeep anymore.

and this:

Grilled Wild Mushrooms - Don't blame us if you pick your own mushrooms from the backyard and get poisoned. Don't blame us if you get a "how to pick wild mushrooms" book and screw up and get poisoned. Don't blame us because you worked at a doggy company that went bankrupt so now you can't afford to buy mushrooms in a store. That's your own fault. We hope you learned your lesson.

Who needs affordable utilities, health care, housing, education, or footwear when you can have delicacies like these!

Now, as for my dinner plans tonight... here, Miss Muffin! Here, kitty kitty kitty...

UPDATE: Have no fear, good citizens! World leaders feel your pain. Wait, is your pain gout, or indigestion from too much rich food? No? Oh, then they don't. This news courtesy of my friend Ms. McGee.
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