Food Week. Yeah, Unimaginative, I Know.
I was going to post something about Tyler Florence vs. Guy Fieri here. See, both Mr. Florence and Mr. Fieri are Food Network personalities (and Mr. Florence is a chef -- I can't vouch for Mr. Fieri. In fact, I WON'T vouch for Fieri...) and both have shilled for questionable mass-production eateries (Florence for Applebees, Fieri for TGI Fridays), but I was going to comment about Florence's superior recipes and overall demonstrable skills.

Picture taken from yet another Food Network fan site.

Instead, I got mired in a discussion about Alton Brown's hair in the new Welch Grape Juice commercials. It surprised me to find people who care so passionately about Mr. Brown. It's... kinda creepy.

Anyway, a sampling of comments from this site:

"I'm not a fan of Alton's new long-haired look. He's taking on the air of a Wylie Dufresne or creepy Law & Order SVU child-molester-suspect."

"Creepy hair!!!!
He went from geeky suave to creepy aging dude. This may as well be a prune juice ad :/"

"His hair is pedophiliscious."

Note to Dilf: keep your hair short, please.
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