I'm Either Bored or Terrified. I'll Decide Later.

Thank you, Mr. Pop.

Now, I've been taking Benadryl before bedtime because I have ongoing allergies that won't die, and it helps me sleep through the night.

The problem is, Dilf STILL manages to fall asleep before me, and is unable to stop me from watching horrible movies like this. It's all Dilf's fault!

Anyways, one of two twin infant boys is kidnapped in the movie. Somehow, I dreamed those two boys were sleeping in ÜberYounger's room, and the kidnapping was taking place. I must sleep with my eyes open, because I could see the greenish glow of Younger's macabre night light (I fail to see how she finds a sickly green light comforting, but whatever) and I was combining dreams with reality and moaning, "No, NO!"

Dilf woke me up and I tried to go back to sleep (I was too embarrassed to explain the bad dream), only then I (and Dilf) heard the stuff on top of his dresser rattle. The only other time I heard the stuff on top of his dresser rattle was during an earthquake (which obviously doesn't happen often in the Chicago suburbs). When I checked the news to see if we suffered some sort of minor earthquake, I found this.

So, there's always that to look forward to. In case you thought all was well in the world.
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