Okay, People Gotta Be Nasty. Now Get Ready for a Cute Bomb of Massive Proportions.

That does it. Just for that, people, you're getting doused with cuteness. I will be printing ÜberYounger's first novel, titled The Duck


One day, there was a little duck who wanted to be like the others. But the duck didn't know how to be like other ducks. The next day, the duck learned how to swim. So, the duck started to think, the others started to laugh! "Oh, no!" said the goose.

end of prologue

Chapter 1: The Fish and the Duck

The next day, the duckling woke up so he could go to a party. He was EXCITED! So, he went to the party. That night.

Oh, MAN, was he excited!

The ducklings were hosting. The duck was so very excited that he went. So he went to that party.

"That party was AWESOME!" said the duck.

That duck was so happy from that party, he could not sleep.

"That was the greatest party," he said.

We'll return later for more of The Duck by ÜberYounger
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