Until Something Truly Momentous Occurs, This Is the Last Political Discussion for a While
It hasn't even been a week, and already minute and trivial aspects from Obama's presidency are being picked apart and analyzed and assumptions about him and his presidency are being made.

My own personal beliefs are this: there were only two people born human without sin, and Obama ain't one of 'em. He'll do some good things, he'll make some mistakes, and he'll do some stuff with consequences we won't recognize as good or bad until later.

I don't think he's a messiah who will do nothing wrong, but I do think he will try his best. He's been studying history for clues, and trying to be politically savvy. Being politically savvy might lead to some questionable choices in my eyes, but that's why I'm not a politician.

I just hope he manages not to succumb to either the burden of excessively high expectations nor the unnecessarily nitpicky criticisms or downright expressions of ill-will coming from Limbaugh/O'Reilly and such. I just hope he does a decent job and doesn't make anything worse.

I don't want to be rich enough to buy my own private plain, a personal tanning bed or even the granite countertops and stainless steel appliances HGTV tells me are essential to living.

What I do want is affordable health care without an insurance company choosing my doctor or deciding what treatment I should receive. I want my kids to receive an education that is more than a simple recitation of facts and rules to spit out onto a standardized test. I want to be able to buy and consume food without fear of being poisoned. That goes for air and water, too. I want to have a measure of security, that my home and income won't be unceremoniously yanked out from under me through no fault of my own. The utilities which people need for survival, like gas and electricity and water, need to be publicly owned and regulated, because the laws of supply and demand do not apply. I want a diversified marketplace, to end the monopolistic chokehold huge conglomerates have upon our nation's commerce. I want "truth" and "justice" to be the "American Way" -- or at least come a lot closer to it that it has been since the dawn of the millenium.

I don't expect Obama to do all of those things, but if he at least moves in the right direction, I will be happy.
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