Dining Out with Ubergirls
Before I heard today's shocking news from London, this was the post I was going to write. I don't want to minimize the trauma overseas, but maybe it will be a small diversion from sadness.

Last night, Uberdilf took us Ubergirls out to dinner. Knowing us well, he took us to Culvers, aka Scoopie's, in honor of its mascot, pictured at left.

Scoopies has exceptionally yummy food that arrives quickly, which any parent will tell you is vitally important when dining out with a 2 and 4 year old. Additionally, every children's meal comes with a free scoop of ice cream. Actually, I think it's frozen custard. It's mighty tasty! Thus, Culvers is very popular with one and all.

So, after dutifully eating their dinners in order to earn their treats, the Ubergirls received one cone each. Ubergirl Elder had chocolate, Ubergirl Younger had vanilla with strawberries in it.

I wish I had brought my camera, because Elder had a patch of chocolate on her nose, with streaks of chocolate across each cheek:
And Ubergirl younger had vanilla circling around her mouth, and down her chin into a perfect point:

Afterwards, the girls and I danced to salsa and merengue music at my sister's park, while Dilf taught our dentist how to use Photoshop. Poor Dilf! He misses all the fun.
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