I've Been Meme-ed!

I now have to blog five things I miss about my childhood, thanks to JD the untrusty teacher and Antonio the naked Canadian. Thanks, guys! I love being put on the spot.

1. The Ben Franklin. It was near enough to walk, and carried crap cheap enough for us to buy. It also had every candy known to man.

2. Flashlight tag, kick the can, and every other outdoor game we played in the summer after dark.

3. No leg shaving. No bad body image. In fact, not caring what I looked like at all.

4. Daily trips to the public pool with my friends. We could walk there, too.

5. The pumpkin patch we'd go to every year. They sold Halloween decorations and candy apples, and had this 7-foot tall inflatable clown that would alternately slump over or stand up tall as the air pump filled him. Other candy-assed kids were scared of him, but I loved him. And they had a haunted house and carnival rides, too.

1. More Than My Luggage
2. Modigli
3. Babbling Brooke
4. Cannot Be Trusted On My Own
5. Me, Ubermilf

I also got memed by Antonio, but Cannot Be Trusted got me first. Grumble. But visit Antonio the Wonder Boy anyway. Use the link to the far right. I tried to get post it in here, but blogger claims the "tag is broken."

Now, my turn to meme---

Melanie, LoLo and Uberdilf -- you're up. You have to list five things you miss from your childhood. You need link to me and #'s 2, 3 and 4, and add your name as #5. Then, you foist this off on someone else. Smoochies! Oh, and Nick's already been memed by Anthony. He's pretending he doesn't know how it operates.
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