A Real American Hero

An old ad campaign for G.I. Joe action figures once touted him as "a real American hero..." But I would believe we should shift our perception of "hero" from the rich, famous and militant to ... say... a Denny's waitress.

From corporate scandals to unscrupulous charities to military misuse of funds to celebrity nincompoopery, the rich and powerful have proven themselves unworthy of our admiration and respect.

However, I did learn of some heroes this past weekend. I was watching CNN when they reported this story. A Denny's waitress, manager and group of patrons saved the life of 8-year-old Shasta Groene, who was abducted by a sexual predator. They called the cops, stalled the perpetrator until the police arrived, and held and comforted the little girl when she started to cry.

I would rather place my trust in them than what passes for the "elite" in this country these days. That's the only thing that gives me hope for this nation's future -- the waitresses, the nurses, the construction workers, the janitors, the garbage collectors -- the everyday people.
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