Before I get to my meme, my FFF, my wedding post, and my Where's Cowboy Nick...

I want to clarify my views. I never label my thoughts or subscribe to any particular school of thought. So, although I jumped into the debate over at Nuclear Beaver's site, I never considered myself a feminist. But I have some pet peeves and those guys peeved me.

I hate bullies. I hate people who have to keep someone else down just to make themselves feel big. I hate people who are one rung above someone else on society's ladder, and spend their time kicking at the people below them to make sure they don't rise up. Whether it's racism or sexism or ageism or a manager keeping his/her employees down or whatever, it makes me angry.

I hate lies. Those guys made inaccurate statements regarding not only women, but the men I love. My husband, my male friends, and my male family members all enjoy lively discussions with women, and want women to be happy, and genuinely love women. They look for teamwork with a spouse, not subservience. So when they called the women of western civilizations ball-breakers with no one to love them and reproduce with them, that pissed me off, too.

In short, I love men. I don't like when men are treated badly any more than I like it when women are treated badly. But because those guys painted women as villains, I felt compelled to respond.

I will consistently stand up for the downtrodden and dispel myths and lies. If that makes me a feminist, a race traitor, or an all-around bitch, sign me up.
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