Miss Knit Reports News that Puts Me in a Snit
Miss Knit revels in her ability to enrage me. I am convinced she posted this just to get my blood boiling. Of course, she succeeded.

At first, I set out to disprove everything this idiot woman (not Miss Knit! the lady in her story) had to say, but I was investing way too much time. If people cannot see by now that the Bush administration is a bunch of lying, theiving, manslaughtering scumbags, I can't say anything to convince them.

But I can fondly remember another Illinois parade featuring Dennis Hastert, in which he was pelted by water balloons. If only I had been there to enjoy it... and Dixon, Illinois is home to Ronald Reagan's birthplace, too.

Oh, but just in case anyone reading this is still buying the Bush apologist story about Louisiana's Governor failing to declare a state of emergency -- she declared one on August 26, the Friday BEFORE the hurricane hit, and a full week before FEMA arrived.
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