Sysm Sure Knows How to Throw a Party!
Sysm hosted a barbeque Sunday night. The food and beverages were magnificent, and, as has become his custom, he showed a movie for the kids projected onto a giant screen attached to the back side of his house.

This time, he not only had a movie ("The Incredibles"), but he also downloaded retro drive-in cartoons ("Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby...") featuring animated concessions. He also downloaded child-friendly trailers for upcoming movies such as "Chicken Little," the new Pixar car movie, and the next "Harry Potter."

But best of all, I looked up to see this:

photo credit to my good friend B.A.

My husband's head, 12 feet tall, delivering a fascinating speech about the superiority of Adobe products for advertising production.

The kids were all so thrilled, they began running around and making shadow puppets on the screen. The Ubergirls started it.
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