Fun With Dickheads

I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't, I know I said I wouldn't, but it was too much fun.

On Nuclear Beaver's site, an ongoing discussion about misogyny versus feminazism has been taking place. Some guy calling himself "Englishman" (Taoski, that better not be YOU) said:

"I post on the AWS site as Englishman. You see the hatred of feminazi pigs is worldwide.

I do not really care what you think and your arguments are so bog standard I could write them for you. The only one we haven't seen so far is we all have small penises but I suspect thats coming.

To the only point I wanted to make to you. The comment 'don't marry us then' is germain.

Marriage and the bearing of children amongst western urban professionals of all colours has plummeted to way below replacement levels. The only sections of the community that are breeding are recent immigrants who are usually non-Christian and have strong traditional family values and the underclass. Both groups are implacable hostile to feminazism

Feminazism stands a chance of being breed out in two generations as educated western men refuse to accept the bill of goods they have been handed.

All western government are aware of this and the feminazi power structure is terrified. We have had a feminazi government minister in UK lecturing a group of businessmen that it is their 'duty' to marry these obese bitches and I believe similar statements have been made by Cuntwell and other members of the US government. A part of this drive to force us to marry feminazism is to try and equate western men who marry decent foreign women with the sex slave trade. However it will not stop us.

Sorry girls hope you like cats."

To which I replied:

"It's too late!!!! Bwaaa haa haa... I have already captured one of your feeble fellow males, and successfully mated with him! Twice! I shall now empty his bank account, divorce him and cut off his sex organs* for good measure!

Then, I shall stuff my obese feminazi carcass into a tight fitting garment, and ensnare another of your unsuspecting comrades! I will continue this until I have left all human males bereft, penniless and eunuch-ized*! Death to all men!

Then, I shall cease shaving my armpits and wearing a bra, and shall eat chocolate and drink Apple-tinis until I reach 400 lbs! Bwaaa haaa haa!"

I amuse myself.

*I am using the castration imagery because one of these cowardly sociopaths had mentioned it earlier in Nuclear Beaver's comment section. I will try to avoid its use in the future; none of my dear male friends nor my husband would ever say something similar about women. Sorry! Unless you're one of these male bullies -- then, snip snip snip!
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