I'm sorry... I can't focus on anything else right now...
I can't get over my anger about the hurricane. I can't think of anything funny, I can't think about my household work (sorry about the laundry, Dilf), and the Ubergirls and I haven't had a dance party in two weeks.

If I hear "We can't play the blame game," one more time, I will smash the person who utters it in the head with my garbage can lid.

The governor of Louisiana declared a state of emergency on August 26. FEMA did not respond for a week. Thousands died. Many more suffered. A beautiful, world-renowned, fun, musical city is destroyed. While no one can prevent a natural disaster, the effects of that disaster can be mitigated, and through the federal government's neglect, that didn't happen.

If we do not HOLD THE PEOPLE who SCREWED UP accountable, it will be as if the deaths, the suffering and the destruction DON'T MATTER. Do people matter? Does the birthplace of Jazz, our American art form, matter? Do the diseased and displaced matter?

Or is saving political face more important? I demand justice. If president Clinton's business and personal affairs could be thoroughly examined by an independent prosecutor, then Bush's can be as well. Unless you feel he has something to hide?
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