Dr. Sardonic, Did You Steal My Plastic Cleavage Monkeys?
Another new blogger friend, Reverend Jack, accused Dr. Sardonic of stealing monkeys. My monkeys. The monkeys hanging from my busom at THE WEDDING.

I didn't invent the concept of Cleavage Monkeys, by the way. That honor goes to the lovely and talented Sysmistress, who took the plastic monkeys meant to decorate the wine or champagne glasses and hung them provacatively from the cleavage of her dress. Sysmistress went drink for drink with me, incidentally.

I still was fond of my cleavage monkeys, and I think it despicable that a trusted friend like Dr. Sardonic would steal them from me when I was vulnerable and tipsy.

Oh, wait. I think I gave them to Dr. Sardonic so he could throw them at Uberdilf, who was sitting at another table talking to Motown Matt and his wife. Never mind.

I think I had a lot of fun at the wedding. Every day more and more of my memory returns.

So, yes, I would like to welcome Reverend Jack, pictured below, to the blog world:

I would also like to welcome Mr. Importantness to the blog world as well. I think I know this person. Does he have something in common with this?
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