Halloween Countdown: Five Weeks
I've already told you lovely people just how much I love Halloween. I was born with a candy apple heart and candy corn in my soul. I love the smell of rubber masks, burning leaves and overripe pumpkins. I love the taste of popcorn balls, apple cider and baked pumpkin seeds. I love pumpkin patches, cheesy Jaycee's haunted houses and trick or treating.

I am a fanatic for Halloween, and the closer it gets, the more frenzied I become.

However, I approach the holiday carefully lest it lose its luster by the time October 31 arrives. Some of my less sensible neighbors already have some Halloween decorations up. That is a mistake; I will not glory in the gory until October 1.

Here's what I did last year:

Constructed a witch and put her in the basketball hoop.

Ubergirls, sharing their mother's respect for tradition , were a ghost and a pumpkin

Ubergirls bask in the glory of our pumpkins.

What's not obvious from the picture is the sad state of my skeleton lights, which I fear may need to be replaced this year, or the strobe lights in the pumpkins.

It's only beginning. Hee hee hee. I am rubbing my hands in gleeful anticipation.
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