Novelty Music: Dead, or Sleeping?
Dr. Demento. Weird Al. Kinky Freidman. Ray Stevens. All giants from our shared musical past.

In fact, one could choose any decade of recorded music and find someone singing a parody, playing ridiculous tunes, or referring to their sex organs as jelly rolls (women) or ding-a-lings (men).

Where have they gone? Dr. Demento reached such heights of popularity that he was immortalized on a commemorative plate. Is there a higher honor?

Now, we have some tribute bands and Tenacious D. But they are the last of a dying breed of comedy-based musicians. Why? Why are left adrift on this sea of humorlessness? I blame Dick Cheney.

Now, everyone sing with me:

"Fish heads, fish heads..." (sniffle)
"Roly poly fish heads..." (sob!)
"Fish heads, fish heads..." (Wail!)
"Eat them..."(sniff)"up..."(choking sobs)"YUM!"(Waaaaaaah!)
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