My beloved, trusted and respected friend SYSM is concerned about the possiblity of an avian flu pandemic.

Should he be? According to the the World Health Organization, the possiblity exists, but nothing is certain yet.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to be prepared. I'm not sure how giving Bush the authority to call in troops against his own citizens or giving a politically-connected drug company immunity from lawsuits accomplishes this, but certainly ensuring an adequate supply of vaccines and preparing medical professionals and facilities is a good idea.

There are two possibilities here:

One, the Bush administration is sincere in its concern, and wants to show it won't let the American public down like it did during this year's hurricane season.

Two, the threat is being deliberately exaggerated so that Donald Rumsfeld can produce assloads of cash. After all, Christmas is coming and those winter heating bills are expected to skyrocket!

Because this administration has cried wolf before (weapons of mass destruction) and has demonstrated a nonchalance toward the health, welfare and safety of American citizens in the past, it makes it difficult to dismiss the second possiblity.

I'm actually hoping that my cynical suspicions are correct, and this is all a big scam to enrich Rumsfeld at the expense of taxpayers. I would far prefer to lose money than the lives of my loved ones. Here's to governmental greed and soulless materialism!
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