Year-End Blog Wrap-Up, Part II: The Second Half of 2005

July saw brought two significant debuts:

Flash Fiction Friday began challenging and inspiring us to create great literature, and

Monkey begins flinging feces.

Also, departed bloggers Sandra and Underhill break up, somehow causing me to be called a dumb cunt.


Cowboy Nick begins riding and Calzone starts perverting the blogospere.


My birthday! All other news or events pale in comparison.


I win the title of Yodeling Queen, and also celebrate Halloween:


The Blog Affiliates of Justice forms, and takes down chronically unfunny, overrated fart-joker The Casual Friday.

I enrage an army of David Soul Fans and wonder Where is He Now?

Which brings us to December...

December is when I ask, what was your favorite blog memory this year?
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