Cupcakes: Taste the Future
Remember those tired, ho-hum wedding cakes? Dry yellow or white cake, with frosting designed for looks instead of taste? Yeah, I know. They sucked Hostess Sno-balls.

But fear not, dessert lovers! Cupcakes to the rescue!

The hippest trend in weddings is the Cupcake wedding cake! As the website points out, cupcakes are vastly superior to the ho-hum cakes of yesteryear:

"You can make a variety of flavors to be sure there's something for everyone - even some vegan cupcakes if you have vegan wedding guests. You can color code the cupcake liners (baking cups) to indicate flavor, or use specific decorations for each flavor. The cupcake liners come in a wide range of colors, including silver and gold, so they can match your wedding theme colors." What a crowd-pleaser!

There's an entire photo gallery of cupcake wedding cakes, but they represent but a fraction of the endless beautiful possibilities made possible through the magic of cupcakes.

Mmmmm, cupcakes.
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