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In response to the Warren Buffet and Bill Gates charity extravaganza story, the Chicago Tribue invited its readers to send their answers to the question, "[What] if you had more than $37 billion to unload?"

The answers ranged from the humorous ("I'd buy a Jose Cuervo factory and get the entire USA hammered"), to the community-minded ("...research in the medical and environmental fields...invest the rest in education"), to the athlete-centric ("I'd buy the Cubs, build them a new stadium somewhere in the suburbs where there's adequate parking, and then give $40 billion to Lance Armstrong's cancer research initiative.")

The most heart-warming response came from a kindly individual, who wrote the following:

"I wouldn't give $1 to the homeless, a church, Chicago public schools or a charity. No amount of money can cure the problems that they claim to fix. I'd enjoy every last penny of it and when all the scum come begging I'd tell them to work hard and maybe they could have their own."

What a sweetie! I wish I lived next door to that person. Whoever KJ is, he or she must be truly beloved by all he or she meets.

Now, since he or she does not currently have $37 billion dollars, I can only assume that KJ is lazy. Shame on you, KJ! But I bet all those people working two part-time minimum wage jobs are even lazier than KJ. Also lazy: the public school children with books from the 1970's, the mentally ill individuals roaming the streets, the single mothers who forgo feeding themselves in order to feed their children, the disabled, people who's savings have been wiped out paying for cancer or other catastrophic medical bills, Dilf's grandma.

KJ has clarified my world view, and I thank him or her for it. It was so complicated not judging people by their looks; now I can easily identify the worthy (outrageously wealthy) from the scum (poor people.) I just wonder where middle class people like me and my family fall on the continuum.

I also wonder if KJ would forgo applying for unemployment if laid off from work, or collecting social security payments if disabled. I'm sure he/she would "deserve" it for working so danged hard.
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