I Slowed Down So Much I Got Bored.

I finished my book. The mom killed Suzette, the sister killed the doctor, and Bop the pizza guy was trying to kill the old lady with pizza but kept mixing up the boxes, so he made the nurse sick instead.

Since I gave up perfectionism yesterday, I let ÜberGirls help me with the chores so they could earn enough marbles to go to Kiddieland. They ooze enthusiam for most mundane chores, especially if they involve a Swiffer product. So, the house is tidy, chores are done (enough), and I finished my book.

I was so bored I had to Google "bored." Then I found that picture and I wasn't bored anymore because it's so delightfully bizarre. Where is giant hand at the bottom coming from? What is the giant behind the man going to do? Who is quoting scripture, and why? We may never know. But at least I'm not bored, now.
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