We Went to the Renaissance Faire...
I'm not going to poke fun at the whole experience.

Just the visitors who decided to arrive in costume.

Now, I fully understand the desire to escape our current dreary period of history. It's fun to engage in a little escapism. It's just that, well, you should at least endeavor to properly fit into the place to which you're escaping.

This guy knows what I'm talking about.

I saw a Jedi knight in what was supposed to be Reanaissance England. I saw several Xenas. I saw thigh-high boots and fishnets and miniskirts. I saw people dressed as witches and devils (I'm guessing that would get you burnt, drowned or otherwise destroyed in an actual Medieval/Renaissance town.)

I'm pretty sure people didn't walk around in fairy wings during the Renaissance, but then, I'm no scholar. Anyway, a little research never killed anyone. Maybe I should read up on fashions during that period. Or maybe not.
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