Bad Music Thursday: Exclusive Interview With Music Dumpster
Music Dumpster collects music -- bad pop music. Whenever he comes across a real stinkeroo, he tosses it down his chute, for what he hopes is an eternity. The problem, he says, is that people keep finding him and pulling their favorites out of the dump.

"It's usually the stuff right on top that gets 'rescued'," MD says, disdainfully. "No matter how hard I try to keep Clay Aiken in there, people keep dragging him back out. Then, I have to track him down again. They think they can hide him from me by dying his hair. It's all very silly."

As difficult as keeping down recent bad pop stars is, it doesn't compare to the pain he faces when someone digs down deep to resurrect something horrid from the past.

"I thought David Soul was gone and forgotten, but when his fans found out I had put him in the trash heap, they dug and dug until they got what they wanted." MD grimaces at the memory. "Those people are relentless."

But while his job certainly brings challenges, it brings joy as well. "I thought I'd never get rid of the boy bands. It took more than a decade of hard work, but I finally did it. And believe me, those coordinated dancers don't go down easy."

The recent crop of reality tv-generated pop stars has kept Dumpster busier than he's ever been. But he has hope that this, too, will pass.

"Yeah, it's pretty bad," he says. "But if I can survive the 70's, I can survive anything."

Does DM have any regrets? "Cher," he responds without hesitation. "I did not expect a comeback from her at all."
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