I'm Gonna Slooooow Down Before I Go into Perfectionist Mode

School is starting soon. I register ÜberElder on Thursday, and drop off ÜberYounger's preschool deposit tomorrow. Just so everyone knows what a sick individual I am, I already have mostly figured out a four-week rotating lunch menu for the girls. Nutritionally-balanced, yet things I know they'll eat. I even know exactly into which containers and baggies the various items will be packed.

I am thinking about their clothes. I know they're coordinated, but are they coordinated enough. What about their hair? I should get it cut. But not too soon before school. Will they scuff their shoes? Lose their hair ribbons and barrettes? Oh, my!

So, I think it's time for ol' mommy to take a bit of a mental vacation. Luckily, I went to the library and stocked up on cheesy mystery novels. My favorites are the food-related ones with recipes in them. Right now I'm reading Creeps Suzette from the Bed and Breakfast Mysteries series. Off to the bubble bath I go, and I won't go out until I'm sane or the water gets too cold, whichever comes first.
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