Diwali My Hindu Friends Have Fun? I Hope So!

My Chicago Tribune broke with tradition and actually informed me last week: Diwali was coming up and the local temples were gearing up to celebrate.

I was so excited for them as I read about their fireworks and their sweet cakes and their communal dinners -- it sounded like fun! It warmed my heart to think of the families celebrating, and the people coming together, and that's when it hit me: that's why I get mad at people hatin' on Christmas.

I don't think everyone should have to be a Christian. I don't think non-Christians go to hell (unless they so choose.) But when someone gets offended by Christmas and wants to squelch its public celebration -- well, I find it petty and mean-spirited.

Just as I don't believe in the Hindu gods, yet rejoice in my neighbor's happiness and awesome-sounding party, I think non-Christians can do the same. Why not? Because George Bush dupes Evangelical Christians into supporting his cause? Because Pat Robertson's a jerk? What does that have to do with the millions of people around the world having a good time? Don't you like the twinkly lights and music?

I'm all for a party, whether I'm invited or not. And, incidentally, if someone wants to invite me over for Seder or Ramadan or Diwali, I'll be happy to come. I'll be respectful and polite and bring the appropriate beverage and/or dessert.
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