Double Post, Your Jealousy is as Unbecoming as Your Poor Taste in Television Comedy
Double Post was so overcome with envy at my new pasta maker that she sent me this:

That is the Red Green Show, a "comedy" so unfunny it makes Dane Cook seem watchable in comparison. The few times I've had the misfortune to encounter the Red Green Show, it felt like someone took a cheese grater to my soul, leaving naught but shreds of my dignity behind.

Yet Double Post enjoys it.

How someone purportedly sharing my DNA, growing up in the same household as me, drinking the same water and breathing the same air, could find that show amusing ... well, all I can think is that it's some kind of throwback to a primitive ancestor whose apelike, recessive genes somehow manifested themselves in the comedy receptor in my sister's brain.

Otherwise, she's quite nice and normal.
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