Bad Music Thursday: Twitty Ditty
Here's some reciprocal blog love for Todd.

Todd wants Twitty action, I'll give him some Twitty action.

Conway Twitty (RIP 1993; abdominal aneurysm. Insert "unable to stomach his own music" comment here) seemed to be the kind of guy, or at least sang about being the kind of guy, that all women wanted. Badly.

You know how there are some perfectly great guys with self-esteem issues, who think "She's out of my league" all time, when it's not true? Well, ol' Conway was the opposite. He thought all the ladies wanted him, but just couldn't act on their fervent desires for one reason or another. But he could tell they wanted him, and desperately. By the look in their eyes, for example:

If only she weren't married. That was the only thing that stopped her from running her fingers through his hair and getting them entangled for life in his sticky cotton-candy pompadour.

One interesting thing I found, as I researched the annals of 1960's and 70's country music, is the artists would sing the most raunchy, sex-crazed lyric, then throw in some reference to being married. To make it all acceptable and above-board, you know.

Now, while I couldn't nominate this song for "Bad Music" with with the rockin' back-up band assisting Conway, I do want to show you this video, for fun's sake:

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