Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Pott...oops, I just wet myself.
I am an enormous Harry Potter geek. Just ask Dilf. We were enjoying the car show in downtown Downers Grove last evening, including a stop in the local book store ... where I found them selling this. It's a hat AND a puppet! You can make it talk!

I chased Dilf around the store with the hat, making it say, "ANOTHER Weasely. I know just what to do with you...GRIFFINDOR!

Living with me is such a delightful blend of unbridled joy and unbearable embarrassment.

Of course, like every bookseller in the known universe, my little corner of heaven is gearing up for the big release date. If you don't know what or when that is, I don't care to know you.

Of course, not everyone loves Harry Potter like I do. They think it's a subversive plot to convert everyone to Wicca or something. Thankfully, I can read it to my heart's content.

Besides, I've already been coerced into believing in fairies by Peter Pan, and tricked into believing witchcraft is normal by Bewitched, so I come previously corrupted.

No matter what some Christian groups say, I know in my heart of hearts that Harry Potter stands firmly on the side of goodness:

That's enough proof for me.
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