Point/CounterPoint: ÜberElder vs. Me
Note: This Week in Coupons will not be seen this week, because I received NO coupons in my Sunday newspaper. Please enjoy the following editorial debate in its place.

Me: Get out of your sister's chair.

Elder: It's not Younger's seat. It's my seat.

Me: No, it's not. You took your placemat off the table and said you were going to choose a different seat. Younger sat down in front of the placemat that I put down on the table.

Elder: I changed my mind.

Me: Too bad. You can't push your sister out of her chair.

Elder: It's NOT her chair! This is MINE!

Me: That's a lie. I saw you pick a different one. Now move.

Elder: You don't love me!

Me: Yes I...

Elder: NO YOU DON'T!!!

Me: I don't love the way you're acting...

Elder: You never loved me!

Me: I don't love your screaming...

Elder: NOBODY LOVES ME!!! You show me no respect! You never do! I...

(Dilf enters, with Moxie, states that screaming could be heard all the way from the park, calmly plucks Elder from chair to end debate. Carries Elder into her bedroom; wails could be heard as she heads down the hallway. I remember high school sophomore physical science class lesson about the Doppler Effect.)
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