I'm glad Memorial Day is coming up

In addition to fallen public servants who gave their lives so that I could sit comfy and cozy on my couch, I will also pause to remember when I lived under a representative government. You know -- the kind where the people democratically vote to elect someone to represent them?

I really liked that about my old government. That every adult had a voice. It was really cool because there was this system of checks and balances, with three branches of government. Each branch had certain powers, and it was designed so that no one branch could rule over the other two. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and know what else I liked? We had this thing called "The Constitution," which guaranteed people's rights, so that state or federal lawmakers couldn't enact legislation that violated them. Also, it provided an outlet for the minority opinion to affect change, to change other people's opinions through thoughtful discourse (freedom of the press) or mass demonstration (freedom to assemble.)

Yes, those were the days.

But now I can rest easy knowing King George has my back. If anything threatens me, anything at all -- terrorists, drunk drivers, cicadas -- King George can enact his secret police to shut them down. Of course, that runs the risk that my friendly monarch might use his powers against me or anyone who disagrees with him, but that won't happen.

Will it
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