This Week In Coupons: Warm Weather Wampum
One of the many joys brought by the weekly coupon circulars is how they help mark the change of seasons. This week's bonanza reaped coupons for bug sprays, citronella candles, hot dog buns, and Huggies Little Swimmers. (I don't need those anymore; I'll give them to Cuntzilla.)

My hands-down favorite, however, was the Hershey's-Honey Maid Graham-Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow combo coupon for s'more fixin's, complete with a traditional s'mores recipe.

For those unlucky souls unfamiliar with the pure joy of s'more eating, you can check them out in all their glory here.

I am in love with summer right now, because I am immersed in nostalgic reverie and romantic notions of picnics and parades and romping in the sunshine. Check in with me again after a week of 100 degree temperatures, bug bites and soggy swimwear left in a moldy heap on the floor.

Also, the cicadas are back this year. They aren't murderous like earwigs or annoying like mosquitos, but they make a lot of noise and carpet the sidewalks with their nasty dead bodies. And as Dilf will attest, I am not afraid of bugs, but I am creeped out by the grisly crunch of their exoskeletons when I kill them. With cicadas, you can't go anywhere without that happening. Also, they have beady red eyes.

But still, s'mores... ah, summer.
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