This Week in Coupons: Holy Foul Food Fabricators, Batman!
Even Batman goes shopping, and he knows a good bargain when he sees one:

So, I trust Batman will peruse the coupon section this week and pursue the villainous purveyors of putrid pablum responsible for Superbowl snackfoods. Is it not enough to be forced to root for either the New England Patriots or the New York Giants, during an election year offering political candidates of similar dreadfulness?

NO! Says Tyson, who thinks we should eat things such as these, or SuperPretzel (indeed! posing as a superhero!) who believes these belong in our gullets. (Incidentally, take a look at what the pretzel people are really trying to sell in their "other news" box: free soft porn? soft boob? Are these people wholesome? I think not!)

But those food fiends are petty criminals when stacked against the real villain of vittles I found hiding in my coupon pages: Spam Singles. In a pouch.

I think I've made my feelings about shelf-stable meat in a pouch clear previously; but this... this... multiply the freak factor times a gazillion billion!

Imagine the stench that would greet you as you tore open the package, then the sight of the pink fleshy blob vomited forth from the package, resembling some sort of flattened pig fetus. Then, the fluid that would accompany it! Like the afterbirth of Satan's spawn, oozing onto your plate and befouling any area it touches.

I tell you, it must be stopped!

(*Photo courtesy of The Food Pornographer, an awesome site)
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