What the... How the... Okay, Game On, Motherfuckers
I was avoiding politics for a while because we've all been doused and immersed in politics due to the presidential election, so why add my voice to the fray?

But after I read the letters to the editor in the Chicago Tribune, it appeared to me that a large number of people are either NOT PAYING ATTENTION or REALLY EASY TO TRICK.

So I have to write about this stuff, because reality is just not setting in.

I don't know that I'll have much impact, but I can't keep it in anymore.

I'll let Joe Biden start me out:

If someone want to point out all of Biden's faults to me, fine. Go ahead.

That doesn't make what he says wrong.

As Jeanne's sister-in-law once remarked, upon receiving heaps of personal insults from her brother-in-law because he was mad she got him an XL sweater for Christmas, "That may very well be, but that does not change the fact that YOU are an EXTRA LARGE."
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