I'm Changing My Mind

No, it's not because of Randal, though I love him dearly.

No, I'm pissed off because conservatives refuse to take responsibility. I've been trying to find sympathetic Republican viewpoints, I really have. But I've been forced to give up because they will not face reality.

Despite their admission that a "lack of oversight" is at fault for our current economic mess, the utterly fucking ridiculous notion that CRA is to blame is gaining momentum; that somehow less regulation is required.

So, fuck you immature, reckless assholes who would rather drive the country even further into the ground for the sake of your failed beliefs rather than admit your mistakes and help think of new solutions.

You know your obscene worship of wealth? Fuck that. And your hatred of anyone different than you in any way? Fuck that, too. Fuck you for thinking anyone who puts his/her family or ethics or the needs of the future ahead of a fast buck is stupid or lacking in a work ethic. Fuck you for hijacking the Christian religion and repurposing it for your personal gain. Fuck you for trying to kill off any social program that has helped lift a struggling person or family from the muck of institutionalized poverty.

I am done with you. The only thing worse than the damage you've done is your refusal to help fix it.
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