Well, What DO I Like, Then?
Some of you may be thinking, "So, you don't like lying guttersnipes and obstructive falsehoods and ruthless cheaters in politics. Well, then, Miss Fussypants, what DO you like?"

Happily for me, the answer came to me in yesterday's Downers Grove Reporter, specifically in this letter to the editor. (I like how it's titled "Village Officials Doing Their Jobs," as if that's a marvel to be noted.)

What did I like about that, despite the exciting new concept of village officials doing their jobs? My mayor was out in the rain clearing debris from storm sewers in the middle of a storm -- without a news crew in tow, without fanfare. That's dedication.

Granted a bit of self preservation was involved; flooding would've caused people to complain and blame our storm sewer system and everyone involved in its upkeep. Which is ridiculous, because everyone knows the flooding is the fault of our evil Park District. I still have my eye on those people.

But still, kudos to Ron Sandack (who also appears to have another job; who knew?). Here he is enjoying a sandwich named after him at a local deli:

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