Off the Wall Wednesday
I will try to display my weirdness every Wednesday. I will blurt out things I'd be too embarrassed to bring up at Bunco. If I was ever invited, which I am not, because, as some of you might remember, I am the Licorice Cow. But if the normals ever DID invite me somewhere, I would know better than to bring up some topics.

Like horror movies. And how hilarious I think this is. And how no Saturday night is complete without watching Son of Svengoolie. And how I actually think about what movies I haven't seen on Svengoolie, but which I wish I did.

In that vein, I would like to address Mr. Son of Svengoolie directly, here, if I might.

Dear Son of Svengoolie:

Please find and broadcast the movie Killdozer. Produced in 1974, the golden age of made-for-TV movies, this masterpiece has developed a cult following, inspired musicians, and influenced tragic real-life events. You would be remiss -- nay, NEGLIGENT -- were you to ignore a cultural powerhouse of this magnitude.

I submit for your consideration:

As you can see, you must rectify this situation immediately.

A Crazy Old(er) Lady from the Western Suburbs.
Name: Übermilf
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If being easily irritated, impatient and rebellious is sexy, then call me MILF -- Übermilf.

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